Easy to print

Vinyl 303 (PVC)

Flame retardant, tough, and chemically resistant


Tough and chemically resistant


Abrasion resistant and durable


Durable, tough, and UV resistant


Durable and tough 


Flexible, wear and abrasion resistant


Wood fiber composite that can be sanded and stained


Strong, impact resistant, and soluble in Limonene



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Vase designed by Thingiverse user eggnot | PLA Extrafill Vertigo Starlight

Nautilus Z-Carriage designed by Hydra Research | CPE HG100 Black Soul

Outdoor dryer vent designed by Thingiverse user JF_213 | ASA Metallic Grey

Bike pedal designed by Thingiverse user 3DprinterOS | ABS Traffic Black

Raspberry Pi Case by Thingiverse user 0110-M-P | Vinyl 303 Natural

Bracket designed by Thingiverse user mmendoza21 | Nylon CF15 Carbon

Flexible and Breathable Insole by Thingiverse user Gyrobot | Flexfill 98A Vertigo Grey

Model car designed by David drracer Řehoř | Tmiberfill Cinnamon