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Additive Manufacturing & Technology Startup

Portland, OR USA


Dedicated to Open Source

At Hydra Research we believe progress is a collaborative effort. We see emulation as a compliment. 

First, we feel we have some pretty good ideas, but we also believe others have some pretty good ideas as well. If we publish our development resources, it provides others with the opportunity to build on our ideas in ways we may never have thought of on our own.

Second, to stay competitive in an open source community where it is easy for others to quickly copy our products, innovation must be constant. In a sense open source keeps us from becoming lazy. We hope to never fall victim to stagnant iterative updates to our products and technologies.


Technological Progress

We are passionate about the progression of technology. At Hydra Research we value advancements in all fields. 

While additive manufacturing is just the beginning for us, we hope to work and invest our resources in any area we think we can make a meaningful difference. We are still a very young company and need to establish ourselves in the additive manufacturing industry first, before we look to other areas. Nonetheless, we have some ideas of areas we might go in the future, and we are very excited to see what areas we will find that we have not yet thought of. 



My name is John and I am the Founder of Hydra Research, LLC. I began as a physics undergraduate student with a passion for making and designing things. I became extremely interested in 3D printing after acquiring a LulzBot Mini and Prusa i3 MK2. I began a 3D printing service via 3D Hubs. This meant I was doing a great deal of printing, I began to see ways I could contribute to and improve the technology. I set out to do just that, founding Hydra Research at the end of 2016!


The Hydra Research Team

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