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Guides to help you with your FFF 3D printing experience. Improve your print quality and optimize your designs for FFF 3D printing.


Resources for Products by Other Manufacturers

Resources for products listed for sale on our website that are not produced by Hydra Research can be found on the product page in our store.

Using Hydra Research Development Resources

Open source is very important to us at Hydra Research! We feel that progress is a collaborative effort, therefore we publish all our products under the GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0 or Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means you can use, share, reproduce, or sell any of our designs as you like, as long as you publish everything you do under the same or a compatible license.

If you are looking to reuse our designs and software it is required that you:

  • Host your designs and a copy of the original designs on your website or a public repository

  • Label your product as a clone; it must be obvious that it did not come from our manufacturing facilities

  • Hydra Research is a trademark of Hydra Research

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Standard Warranty

We only cover products made by Hydra Research LLC (HRL). We manufacture some accessories for products made by other manufacturers and we do not offer any coverage or compensation for products not produced by HRL. Additionally, if any damage is caused to a non Hydra Research product by the installation and or use of a Hydra Research product, it may void the warranty provided for said product by its manufacturer. This warranty does not cover in any way manufactured goods produced by HRL for the HRL 3D Print Service.

Standard Warranty 

HydraCare and HydraCare+

HydraCare and HydraCare+ offer extended hardware coverage and consulting services. If you have purchased either of these plans, the terms and conditions linked below that apply are linked below.

HydraCare and HydraCare+ Terms and Conditions

Return Policy

The original purchaser (“Customer”) of a product from Hydra Research, LLC. may return most new products within thirty (30) days of purchase, unless noted in the Return Policy Exceptions listed in the full return policy.

Return Policy

Privacy Policy

At Hydra Research we respect your privacy.

Privacy Policy

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