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Classroom 3D Printing: A Quick Guide to Printer Selection

More and more schools are adding 3D printing to their repertoire every year because of the many benefits they can offer students. They’re an opportunity for students to learn design and skills and get experience with CAD (computer-assisted design) software. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) also enables teachers to produce customized teaching aids and motivational trinkets for their students. However, the 3D printing market is very crowded and online forums are full of conflicting advice about the best printer to buy and how to implement it.

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June Update 2019

Trial production of the Nautilus is officially underway! We completed assembly of the first of our six trial Nautili that will form our print farm and we’re very happy with how it turned out. The printer is looking and working great so we will begin producing parts for the final production run this week! It was awesome to build a Nautilus with all of the finalized components instead of the re-used and handmade parts we use for development. If you’ve been waiting to get your order in, now’s the time!

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May Update 2019

Due to stock levels with some of our suppliers, we will not have all the parts for the Nautili in until late May, meaning it will be at least a week after that until we can start shipping Nautili. Luckily the delayed parts are not needed to begin production as they can be added at the very end. Thus we can still continue our plans to begin production as soon as possible. We will continue to allow pre-orders until production fully begins, so get your order in while you still can!

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March Update 2019

We have officially moved!

Our new warehouse space is located in NE Portland and we share it with a number of other Portland based companies. The space we have is 10 times the size of the tiny office where the two of us developed and tested the Nautilus.

Once we are all set up, we plan to look into open houses and workshops for the local community.

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