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Nautilus Development - June 2018 Update

I am pretty happy with the hardware design of the printer. I have reached a point where there are no major issues and everything fits and functions properly. The front frame panel now goes top to bottom and the door is inset into this panel. This increases the rigidity of the printer. Additionally, I have opted for an all-black design in this iteration, as black printed parts are easier to produce without cosmetic defects I decided that I want the acrylic to match the printed parts, so a matte black acrylic will be used. 

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Nautilus Development - May 2018 Update

The new tool head is the most compact and simplest version I've designed yet. In addition, to being much quicker and easier to print, it also features a much simpler magnetic couple between the tool head gantry and the hotend. It was challenging to devise a belt clamping mechanism in this new quite confined space, but I've got something that has been working well so far.

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