July Update 2019


Nautilus Production is Underway!

After many trials and tribulations, our custom wire harnesses have arrived and production is under way! Our trial production has been successfully completed and 6 new Nautilus 3D printers have joined our print farm!

We have begun production of the first set of Nautili to be sent out to our reservation customers, and we will be making the Nautilus publicly available in the US in the coming days.

We are extremely excited for the Nautilus to see the light of day! We have been working on it for the better part of 3 years and we cannot wait to see what you make with it.


Service Plans for the Nautilus

While all Nautili will be covered under our standard 1 year warranty, we want to offer extra services to make sure your 3D printing experience with the Nautilus is as smooth and streamlined as possible. We are working on two tiers of service roughly outlined below.

HYDRACare v2 (400).png


We are working on an additional service/protection plan for the Nautilus which we will be sharing more details on soon. All reservation customers will have one year of HydraCare included with their printer at no additional charge!



For our more industrial customers, we are working on a more comprehensive care plan including hot swap hardware replacements to minimize down time, as well as additional consulting help over what the standard HydraCare plan offers. HydraCare+ will be available on request and can be negotiated to suit your needs.