April Update 2019


Trial Production

We are getting ready for our trial production run of the Nautilus. Parts have begun arriving and we are getting excited to start producing Nautili. We hope to be finished with trial production by the end of April.

Once we complete our trial production, we will start producing printers for customers who have reserved a Nautilus. If everything stays on track we hope to start shipping printers by the end of April or early May. As soon as the reservation customers’ printers have shipped, we will begin shipping to everyone else.



Since we are sourcing and stocking a number of high quality parts for the production of the Nautilus, we figured we should make those parts available to anyone who might be interested in them for projects of their own. You can now find the powerful Duet 2 WiFi 32-bit 3D printer and CNC control board and PanelDue 7i touch screen in the parts section of our store. You will also find the Duet PT100 daughterboard which allows you to connect accurate PT100 sensors to the Duet, as well as the 400W 24V power supply we use on the Nautilus.

Need parts or filament from Fillamentum, E3D, or Duet that are not stocked in our store?

Shoot us a message and we’ll do our best to special order what you need.


MRRF 2019

We had a great time meeting the community at Midwest RepRap Festival last weekend. We were honored by how well the Nautilus was received and particularly with everyone’s interest in our Tool Cartridge system.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, and to the awesome organizers of the event. We hope to see you next year at MRRF 2020!


New Team Member Sam :)

We would like to officially welcome Sam (Samwise Gamgee) to the Hydra Research team. Sam is our new snack quality control expert.