Nautilus Development - August 2018 Update

IMG_0987 (2).jpg

New Electronics bring even more modern features

I was initially planning on using the Einsy Rambo by Ultimachine in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi running Octoprint, but due to the limitations of the Einsy's 8bit framework and communication issues between marlin and Octoprint I was not able to have all the features I had envisioned. 

I have decided to use the Duet 2 WiFi instead. This is a 32bit board, which along with integrated WiFi will allow me to use a 7in touchscreen for the printer interface, which is a major upgrade over the "80s style" Smart Controller I was planning on using before.

At some point I hope to have and android and iOS app for remote monitoring and control, but this is way down the pipeline.


Multi-Material Automatic Filament Loading

Previously I had been planning to use a slightly modified version of the Prusa Multi-Material Upgrade 2.0, however with the switch to the new electronics mentioned above, I decided to design a new filament loader from the ground up. My new filament loader can auto load and unload filament to a direct drive extruder. For the Nautilus I have it set up for 3 materials, but expansion for more is very easy. Right now the design uses only two stepper motors, which keeps costs low and allows me to run the filament loader from the Duet main board instead of having to use breakout board. Filament runout detection is also integrated.

Revision 2 prototype well under way

Things are moving along well with my second prototype iteration. I hope to be getting pre-production units out to a small group of beta testers very soon.


Want to be a beta tester?

I am still looking for a couple more beta testers. If you live in Portland, OR, would be interested in this, and think you would have the time to put the printer through its paces, please email me at


Portland Mini Maker Fair 2018

I will be debuting the Nautilus 3D printer at the Portland Mini Maker Fair in mid-September! More details on this coming soon.