High Detail Resin 3D Printing


Hydra Research is excited to announce that we are adding high detail SLA resin 3D printing to our print service. SLA prints will be produced on the industry leading Form 2 by Formlabs


High Resolution

Experience detail and clarity that FDM printing cannot even dream of. Your SLA print will have sharp corners, nearly invisible layer lines, and a surface finish to drool over. What will you create with high detail resin?

SLA v FDM Benchy Text.png

SLA printed with Formlabs Tough Resin on the Formlabs Form 2 at 50 microns

FDM printed with ColorFabb silver PLA on the Lulzbot Mini at 200 micros


Material Selection

Yes we will be offering standard resin for high detail and affordable resin prints, but this is Hydra Research and we would never stop there. In addition to Formlabs Standard grey resin, we will be offering the entire line of Formlabs Engineering Resins! You can explore what these amazing Resins have to offer below.

Standard Resin

Formlabs Standard Resin

Captures astonishing detail without sacrificing durability and toughness. Can be printed at slightly higher resolutions than engineering and flexible resins.





Engineering Resin

Formlabs Tough

Tough was designed to simulate ABS plastic, with comparable tensile strength and modulus. Perfect for functional prototyping, this sturdy, shatter-resistant material has been developed to withstand high stress and strain. Great for snap-fit joints, assemblies, and rugged prototypes.


Translucent Blue


Formlabs Durable

Durable was designed to simulate polypropylene (PP) plastic, with comparable low modulus and high-impact strength. Use this wear-resistant, ductile material when parts require deformation and a smooth, glossy finish. Great for prototyping consumer products, impact resistant cases, low-friction and low-wear moving parts, and snap fits and ball joints


Translucent White


Formlabs High Temp

High Temp has an HDT of 289 °C @ 0.45 MPa—the highest on the 3D printing materials market. This material is great for static applications that will undergo higher temperatures. High Temp can also be used for production processes such as casting and thermoforming.Great for mold prototyping, heat resistant fixtures, hot air and fluid flow, and environmental testing

Translucent Cream

Translucent Cream



Flexible Resin

Formlabs Flexible

Flexible simulates an 80A durometer rubber. Use this versatile material to produce parts that need to bend and compress. Flexible is excellent for simulating soft-touch materials and adding ergonomic features to multi-material assemblies.Great for handles, grips, overmolds, cushioning and dampening, wearables prototyping, packaging, and stamps.

Dark Grey

Dark Grey


More information on these awesome materials can be found on our SLA material guide

A Couple More Examples