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Nautilus User Manual

This document is updated regularly with new info.

The Nautilus user manual is beginning to be built. We realize that there is very minimal information, but we want our beta testers to have access to as much documentation on the Nautilus as possible. Comment permissions are open to all, so feel free give feedback.

Nautilus Firmware 

Update Nautilus Firmware Instructions

Latest Nautilus Firmware

Released: January 11, 2019


Latest Nautilus Panel Firmware

Update Nautilus Panel Firmware Instructions

Released: November 20, 2018

Old Panel Firmware Versions

Cura Configuration Files

Cura Configuration Instructions

Latest Cura Configuration

Known Issues

[SOLVED] Z motors sometimes move out of sync

This can happen at the end of a print after printing has finished, or on start up of a new print.

Temporary Fix: Power cycle the printer

Permanent Fix: Update to latest firmware

Z wobble

This occurs at heights above 150mm on the front and back surfaces of the part. We are looking into this.

Heater Fault on the Tool Cartridge

In the console section of the Nautilus display, there will be a message that indicates a heater fault on heater 1. You will also see the tool temperature highlighted in purple on the control section of the screen. We think this issue occurs as the contact pads on the Tool Cartridge PCB become worn down, so once this starts happening, it will likely happen with increasing frequency over time. New PCBs are currently being manufactured that should fix this issue.

Temporary Fix: Power cycle the printer, or run the change tool command from the macros menu located in the control section of the Nautilus display.

Progress Update: We are making this tentatively as solved. Since switching to the new PCBs we have seen no heater faults, but we want to give more time for testing before we say definitively that is has been solved.

[SOLVED] Error Message “ Failed to delete file”

This error message pops up on the Nautilus display and Nautilus web control when uploading a gcode file from cura over WiFi. Files still print just fine. This is an error with our WiFi uploader plugin in for Cura and we are working on fixing it.

Fix: make sure you have the latest version of Duet RRF connections installed in Cura.