Beta 0.4.1

Released: November 29, 2018

  • Begins transition to custom version of Cura called “Nautilus Cura”

  • Adds nautilus theme and colors

  • Adds new settings

    • “Pressure advance” (similar to linear advance) is settable per material

    • Load, unload, and ramming settings introduced to allow per material control for multi-material printing

    • “Purge amount” controls the amount of material purged during a material change. Settable per material.

  • Fixes an issue with material and quality profiles where all material were using PLA settings

  • Adds an experimental material Proto Pasta PCABS

Beta 0.3 

Released: November 6, 2018

  • Introduces bridging settings

  • Adds Hydra Research Nautilus plugin to handle WiFi connections between Cura and the Nautilus

  • Slicing profile improvements

  • Adds 300um quality option for all supported materials