Flexfill 98A TPU - Traffic Black

Flexfill 98A TPU - Traffic Black


Diameter: 1.75mm

Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm

Printing Temperature: 200 - 220 °C

Heat Bed Temperature: 30 - 50 °C

Weight: 500 g of filament (+ 250 g spool)

RAL: 9017

Pantone: N/A

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Fillamentum Flexfill is a material for FFF (also known as FDM) 3D printing.

Would you like your 3D models to stand out with their elasticity and flexibility but could not find a suitable material that would fulfill your idea? We have a solution - Flexfill 3D printing filament by Fillamentum. If you have a printer with multi-material capabilities, you can use Flexfill to add an extra layer which will make the surface soft to the touch.

Flexfill is moisture sensitive. Always put the filament back into the protective bag with desiccant, when possible.

Fillamentum guarantees high precision of filament dimensions within the tolerance of +/- 0,05 mm, which is strictly controlled throughout the production.

Fillamentum filaments are produced in a wide variety of colors in accordance with RAL and Pantone colors, and also in unique color ranges.

Semi-flexible filament with hardness 98 ShA

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